Individually designed modern wooden homes and log houses

Our inspiration and raw material come from pure Finnish forests

High-quality Polar Life Haus wooden homes and log houses are manufactured using Finnish wood grown in the best coniferous forests of the world. You can feel the calming presence of the forest in the wooden surfaces that embody the positive energy of nature. Whether you live in the middle of a city or in the peace of the countryside, in a wooden house you always have a piece of forest with you.

Wood is good for your well-being

Wooden surfaces absorb and give out humidity, balancing the indoor air humidity level throughout the year. In a wooden home you find it easy to breathe, you feel better and you stay healthier.

Wood is also undoubtedly the most ecological building material: it is 100% a product of nature, and using it distinctly reduces carbon dioxide emissions. The manufacturing process of a log home consumes considerably less fossil fuels compared to other materials, and the wood waste that emerges as a side product can be further recycled for energy production. The amount of energy that can be produced from the wood waste is almost twice the amount of energy used in the manufacturing process. Furthermore, during its long life span, a log home also stores carbon dioxide.

The Finnish leader of design-minded building

Individual design is the starting point of every Polar Life Haus house project. Thanks to our advanced production technology, modern architecture and wood meet on a completely new level. In a Polar Life Haus home, each detail has a meaning

Open floor plans and large glass surfaces that invite nature indoors are typical for modern architecture. To realize this design safely with a solid wooden construction, we have developed our own patented non-settling log construction. Each house is designed individually, taking into consideration even the most demanding wishes.

When every piece fits together

A Polar Life Haus home brings quality to everyday life. The feeling of quality comes from carefully crafted details that all fit together perfectly: well-being, health, environmentally friendly solutions, design and values. It is New World Luxury.

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